Maintainer’s Call 28th September 2021



  • Who will take notes? :raised_hands:

    • :writing_hand: To take notes, all’s you got to do is press the EDIT button on this post.
  • Fredrik files (review of recent releases, active dev tasks/bugs)

    • spending some time on non-Hypha projects
    • addressing some usability issues/bugs (originally from OTF issues list), deployed these to test
    • package updates
    • as part of finance process: deliverables are on test.hypha. With this staff will be able to test assigning deliverables to invoices project partners submit
    • this will be extended to interact with OTF’s finance API system, and can then be extended to other Hypha adopter finance systems
    • starting work on separating apply.organisation from the organisation’s public website. Working on displaying the open funding calls on the separate website (which then links to the Hypha apply. instance.)
    • 4 things in testing on Github right not (look at in-testing label in GH). Use this if you want to help test things

Adoptor Maintainer Corner (if we have multiple adopters in the call please keep updates on adoptor specific features as brief as possible! :bowing_man: )

  • Allan will update on DDP and DFF next week’s maintainer call.

UX Design Corner

  • Reporting by the applicant to the funding organisation (Hypha adopters)
    • Reporting progress - Miro board - based on discussions with Dan and other Reset staff.
    • Reporting in Hypha doesn’t meet Reset project needs - Current Hypha can define the start date and end date of a project and has a report/file upload with a short piece of text into the report.
    • Reset discussed different reporting channels, data ingests and outputs and different kinds of reports.
    • Early in a project → talk about how reporting will happen e.g. messages via signal SMS, email etc.
    • Hypothesis: Start hypha users with a question: 'How do you want to report on ‘this project’ and what is the ‘mechanism’ for reporting? e.g. Signal SMS sent to ‘person/listening bot/adopter’ etc.
    • Automated messages, ratings etc. written report or combination of these report methods.
    • Comment on UX research: ‘Hypha-Adopter/Funding org’ should be thinking about what and who this report is for and why?
    • Suggestion: Funding template for applicants to fill out periodically. e.g. Reset might have a ‘self-reflection’ report.
    • @eriol to set up feedback processes for key reports questions from adopters before the next Adopters call.
    • Formats or the ‘vehicles of reporting’ are as important as the questions.

Documentation Corner

Anyone needs any specific time to discuss ongoing work?

Using common localisation labelling (en_gb, en_us) won’t work for translating organisation terminology.

There needs to be a different way for the adopter organisation to translate the English to their terminology, if they can’t use the common way.

@emlini is going to reply to Chris with information on why weblate is the better way to translate.

A question: is there a way to create a controlled vocabulary in Weblate? If so that might be the best way

Topics that need to be added to documentation

Any Other Business or ‘Proposals’

I’ll join probably a few minutes after 9. Trying to chivvy the eldest kid out the door so I can complete school dropoff.

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My reply to Chris re: using Weblate for inter-organization translation of terminology is here.

Tried to add it to the post directly (via the edit button) but couldn’t see the edit button—possibly because I’m on my phone? Or does the edit button go away after a time?

Might not be available to all kinds of user profiles here on we.hypha. worth checking in if you have the admin role?

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