Maintainer's Call 10 August 2021



  • Who will take notes? :raised_hands:

    • :writing_hand: To take notes, all’s you got to do is press the EDIT button on this post.
  • Fredrik files (review of recent releases, active dev tasks/bugs)

  • Security testing by ROS under way

  • UX Design Corner


  • OTF’s priorities August to December 2021 :spiral_calendar:

  • Any Other Business


from @frjo

  • Payment request stuff is now in live
  • Slimming down Security and Contributing files now that is more extensive
  • Resolving some Gitbook issues related to summary/menu file and editing in Github vs Gitbook
  • Now have an account on Weblate for string translation
  • Primary work for devs right now is API integration for invoicing and Sage Intacct
    • Built in such a way to make it super easy to add other accounting systems
  • Radically Open Security has started doing a security audit (thank you OTF)
    • Will post issues that come up as they’re addressed
  • should be created > go to
  • work to schedule an annual security audit moving forward

from @bernard

  • need to coordinate and triage adopters priorities for new big features/enhancements that require significant design work
  • will post a miro board here as a tool for high-level triage
  • need to do some backlog grouping and ticketing connection
  • working on updating the priority list from all
  • Need to clarify the Roadmap board
  • Simply Secure is looking for a person to be a hypha project manager (triage of issues, setting expectations of when things will be done, etc)
    • Hope is that it’ll be clearer for the adopter leads to know what is happening in hypha development so that they can better represent progress/timelines to their organization