Maintainer's Call 31 August 2021



  • Who will take notes? :raised_hands:
    • :writing_hand: To take notes, all’s you got to do is press the EDIT button on this post.
  • Fredrik files (review of recent releases, active dev tasks/bugs)
  • New security channel at
  • OTF (Hypha) Penetration Test Report from Radically Open Security
  • UX Design Corner
  • What are the next priorities? Review GH issues with the Status: need team review label
  • Look at whats in the Hypha Development backlog column
  • Any Other Business

On new releases

New security channel here on we

  • Radically Open Security have completed their security audit. Related issues have come in, maintainers are working on fixing issues and getting ready for public disclosure (making sure all implementers know about the need to upgrade). No known exploration of any issues discovered thus far.
    • Report will be posted public

UX Design corner

  • Simply Secure working out staffing for redesign

Docs corner

  • Which dev site is best for using screenshots (probably
  • Will begin using an under construction or draft banner on page
  • Issues using adding alt text of images in gitbook

New maintainer representing Simply Secure / Design / Project management (Eriol) will join next week!

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Quick follow-up on the alt text issue: @blah’s suggestion about adding images in Gitbook and then looking at code in GitHub was good!

The “Caption” that you can add text to in Gitbook does go into the alt text field in the code.

However the caption also stays visible under the image on the main page. This may not be a problem, though I write really detailed alt text descriptions in the service of providing full access, so captions may be big.

This is one of those places where I feel like an Accessibility Consultant would be great to have on the team, so I could check in with them about best practice in this kind of scenario.

@blah did you see the message I sent in Signal about Accessibility? I realize now that wechat might be a better place to have that discussion, though the message in Signal has disappeared for me and I didn’t save a copy of it {facepalm}. I can recreate it and post, though.

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For security reasons I do not think WeChat is a good place to discuss Hypha related subjects.

You can set so messages disappear after a set time in Signal but that is up to each conversation. Normally messages staty until you delete them as in most other messaging apps.

I can help with some accessibility issues/concerns! I would say that as long as your captions aren’t bigger than the image in terms of how much space the caption takes up on the screen this is ok.
The nice thing about captions as opposed to alt text is while alt text is great from screen reader devices, captions are inclusive of folks on less stable internet speeds or expensive paid data packages where they aren’t using a screen reader but still can’t load the screenshot image :slight_smile:

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