Maintainer’s Call 19th October 2021


Google meet room:


  • Who will take notes? :raised_hands:

    • :writing_hand: To take notes, all’s you got to do is press the EDIT button on this post.
  • Anyone needs any specific time to discuss ongoing work?

    • Add here
  • Fredrik files (review of recent releases , active dev tasks/bugs)

  • did walkthrough with new release related to projects (“Finance” in OTF speak), lots of stuff that hadn’t been tested

  • String changes (e.g., change to “contractING information”)

  • Need more user testing/review throughout Hypha - for consistency (@emlini will add to Doc Working Group mtg)

  • Bernard: 3 things to do

    1. identify controlled vocabulary (i.e., where are different terms being used for same thing?)
    2. re-establishing what controlled vocabulary is going to be for whitelabel hypha, and
      • Do translation to another language (Eriol: large job for any current Hypha contributor, maybe post on OpenSource or similar)
      • Allan: does it make sense to do exercise where we categorize terms according to category, role, context? @allan will make github issue for this (and link here, please!)
      • Blah agrees, will make creation of “style guide” easier, which will be used by users, developers, and maintainers
        * in parallel, should do functionality commits related to terms as well (issues on github, can then get consensus from adopters, maintainers) - Eriol: need to outline acceptance criteria for commits
    3. ??

  • Bug fix: Determination popup/status issue

    • Should implement this pattern of requiring user to make conscious choice in other places than Determinations
  • In progress: Finance → Invoicing → difficulty getting Intact API to work with Hypha, working on this

  • Allan contributed really helpful code for future implementers who want to change CSS styles :clap:

  • Adoptor Maintainer Corner (if we have multiple adopters in the call please keep updates on adoptor specific features as brief as possible! :bowing_man: )

    • Allan: nothing from DDP, things are moving slowly; at end of the month they are launching first open call w/current snapshot of Hypha (no code editing until call closed)
    • Blah: Nothing new for Reset, deciding what work to prioritize going forward, beginning of next year will be using Hypha for both specific projects and open calls

  • UX Design Corner

    • Updates on reporting
      • change name to “Project updating”?
      • Want to make sure reporting/updating deliverables map onto organization’s areas of focus (this needs to happen before updating starts)
        • Blah: This is challenging
      • What is the purpose of the update? (Finance, progress update, reflection)
      • Who is involved? Who is making the update, whose work is being discussed in the update, who receives update, is it publicly available? (Project team, funding manager, partners, funders, general; public, etc.)
      • How are they making the update? (email, whatsapp, form on website)
      • Who is involved
      • What is the frequency of the update? (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
      • When does update start?
      • Is update publicly available?
      • Why are we doing these updates?
        • Want to update project progress and project impact
          • Exactly how to visualize this as yet unclear
        • Helps organizations evaluate fund’s overall impact
    • Updates in Compliance and Contracting from OTF
    • Deliverable to impact mapping can be tied into a Feasibility spreadsheet post the feasibility review.
    • Allan would like access to Miro to push to the grants team along with a short video. Can begin a dialogue with DDP with how they can input.
  • Documentation Corner

  • PM Corner

  • Any Other Business or ‘Proposals ongoing’