Monthly adopters 'digest' (email or other comms)

Monthly adopters ‘digest’ (email or other comms)

Adopters struggle to keep up with Zulip, GitHub, Meetings and we.hypha forum. The adopters generally need to know what is happening in plain, non-developer speak, that is specifically relevant to them, is it on time as agreed, what is needed of them and methods of participation.

Goal: All adopters feel as they are informed and reminded of key information in a way that is relevant to them and the methods to which they can participate are also clear. No one Adopter is prioritised above another regardless of funding investment.

Outcome: The adopters receive communications in a format that is accessible to them on features, issues, design, improvements and development to Hypha core (and possible cross-adopter hypha instance information that is relevant). This is at a frequency that feels good and ‘right’ and not too little or too much.

So given the above info

Do you have any critical concerns about adopting the proposal?

Are there any clarifying questions you all might have?

Any quick reactions to the proposal above (e.g. good, feels weird, I don’t understand etc.)

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I think this is a great idea! My questions:

  • Who contributes?
  • Who checks contributions? (i.e. makes sure they are understandable to adopters)
  • Who does collating and final dissemination?
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