Open Ideation meeting space

Open Ideation meeting space

Open Ideation space for ideas and enthusiasm → Monthlies + Miro templates + we.hypha forum post. Currently space for ideas, wishes and medium to long term thinking around Hypha happens in maintainer and adopter calls or in isolation without key stakeholders and poorly documented and ‘wrangled’.

  • Goal: To have ideas sessions that don’t result in a forum post that is an unscoped massive workload. To make ideas sessions productive within priorities list and understandable in how achievable they are. These are then documented well and key stakeholders are informed of status and progress.

  • Outcome: To have a ‘space’ where ideation happens, everyone understands and has access to ‘what ideation is’, that templates exist to support measurable (SMART) ideation efforts and that key stakeholders are informed of ideation efforts that are relevant to them. Adopters will also be closer to the design and discovery process and learn about how to scope well for their needs that will ultimately, improve design and dev timings and pipeline turn-around.

So given the above info

Do you have any critical concerns about adopting the proposal?

Are there any clarifying questions you all might have?

Any quick reactions to the proposal above (e.g. good, feels weird, I don’t understand etc.)

General comment: LOVE the idea of templates supporting development of SMART goals!


  • I’m not totally clear on what ideation is and how it is similar to/different from what we’re already doing (brainstorming? wish-list generation?)
  • What platform are you thinking about documenting all this on (for the asynchronous/transparency components)?

Concern: Will people check/contribute to this this regularly (or at all) given the plethora of communication media we have (Zulip, WeChat, github, external meetings)? Are there ways to ensure ease & frequency of use?