Maintainer’s Call 26th October 2021


Google meet room:


  • Anyone needs any specific time to discuss ongoing work?

Fredrik files (review of recent releases , active dev tasks/bugs)

  • big merge: invoice deliverables :tada:
    (This work is being done for OTF) As part of the funding process; when a contractor is funded they’ll agree to work on certain deliverables. These deliverables will be defined in the contract. When the contractor submits an invoices, they need to specifiy which deliverable they’re working on.

  • This work makes it possible for the OTF programme manager to select which deliverable the contractor is invoicing for.

UX Design Corner

Documentation Corner

PM Corner

  • @blah, and @emlini wanted to make sure it was recorded “miss you erriol” :smiley:

Any Other Business or ‘Proposals ongoing’


-=Fredrik files=-

  • back links are now in the same place (thanks di)
  • update round filter to be an OR rather than AND

contracting / project space is coming and fredrik is excited

  • has some neat auto on/off on complexity

-=UX design corner=-

  • Will have a reporting / evaluation video for maintainers call tomorrow

-=Docs corner=-

  • Lots of perculation post docs meeting last week
  • Hoping to have new outline created and pushed

-=PM corner=-

Everyone committed to reviewing open proposals

Discussion on ideation generally

  • how do we make sure we’re not missing others big ideas or creating a space for accepting/capturing them?
  • how do we make space for folks to weigh in on big ideas outside of existing meetings?
  • A form of contribution: