Maintainer’s Call 21st September 2021



  • Who will take notes? :raised_hands:

    • :writing_hand: To take notes, all’s you got to do is press the EDIT button on this post.
  • Fredrik files (review of recent releases, active dev tasks/bugs)

  • Adoptor Maintainer Corner (if we have multiple adopters in the call please keep updates on adoptor specific features as brief as possible! :bowing_man: )

  • UX Design Corner

  • Documentation Corner

  • Anyone needs any specific time to go over work?

  • Any Other Business

    • Reporting functionality update: Reporting functionality: Discussion and clarity
    • Ideation meeting proposal: Will bring to Maintainer call on the 28th Sept.
    • What are sociocracy proposals?: Will bring to Maintainer call on the 28th Sept.
  • Discussion corner


Fredrik files

  • Big localization release happened. Please test and report bugs!
  • Submission table columns in /apply/submissions/all/ are now able to be set/changed per implementation
  • Implemented ability for reviewers to unassign themselves
  • New contracting role and Team Admin is renamed to Staff Admin and permissions will start moving from staff/team role to Staff Admin (will clean up the user interface for staff/team role)
  • Up next are more finance/contract features in the Projects space

Adopter/Maintainer Corner

  • DDP moving/changing their workflows to accommodate hyphas
    • Wanting more export and filtering abilities
    • Based on current core
  • DFF priority is to catch their version up to the current core version
  • On how useful/generic is Project Approval Form?
    • DFF has a bundle that’s very similar
    • What do other adopters require at this stage (after approval of an application and before contract), currently called this PAF?
    • @bernard asked to do some discovery there
  • Rst looking to ramp its features stuff
  • Open question @eriol is working on: what other ways/mediums do adopters receive updates and provide input (monthly update for example)?

UX Design corner

  • Refining stuff on new finance stuff
  • @bernard will present the finance/compliance changes OTF is driving at next adopters call (still a total work in progress)
  • @bernard will pick back up the reporting discovery/specification – Rst is driving – in the projects space and prepare a demo to introduce concepts to other adopters

Documentation corner

  • Creation of a documentation working group, see this link for more Documentation Working Group
  • Working on the organisation and timing of docs creating
  • Would love to have an outline to work on
    • @emlini will create a github issue and a google doc for collaborative drafting
  • When/where is the there right place to ask questions about hypha that help make sure docs are in line with actual features/workflows/etc
  • @blah will work to setup a regular time for docs meeting
  • @bernard showing up juju
  • Set up a we.hypha thread for docs working group: Documentation Working Group
  • Added ‘The (new) funding and application ARDC workflow’ to tomorrows adoptors call to cover.

Any Other Business

Discussion corner

  • None - ran outta time!