Maintainer’s Call 5th October 2021




-=fredrik files=-
Not many new things have gone out
pre-occupied with finance things for otf

  • api calls are happening to<>from inacct
    api allows 3rd party to get current open calls
  • allows rendering of open calls on a different app/site
  • not public, need to use a token request
  • rate-limiting challenge to discuss in future
  • this is a new documentation need for system admins/those who deploy
  • fredrik will create an issue for creating api token scopes (a token for public info vs private info etc)
    new roles, contracting role
    minor bug fixes and usabiltiy improvements
  • dashboard > my dashboard
  • removing some annoying defaults in management fields

how ddp/dff are using “docket” outside of hypha, will gather more info on how the proposed docket features should evolve

-=UI/UX corner
Compliance stuff is refined and general agreement on what will go into hypha core
Bernard/Blah gathered for more discovery of proposed reporting features

  • next steps: bernard will make a presentation to maintainers then other adopters
  • bigger question on scoping and how to answer the question, how much does it cost to deploy something like reporting, so that others can see how much and then we can figure out how to make it cost less later

priority list for things to get documented: Hypha Documentation Organization & Add/Priority List - Google Sheets
kicking-off a regular docs meeting: Documentation Working Group
Whats our decision process or disagreement process? To discuss in meeting
Dixie will setup meeting

-=proposals to review=-