Sociocracy proposal framework

Hey folks, dropping a proposal here about…proposal structures! (how meta)

Sociocracy proposal framework

A proposal that follows a sociocracy process that prioritises the understandability and discussion of an idea or change to processes and practices and focuses on ambitious consensus and ‘what feels safe enough to try’ in order to move forward and not be stuck in a loop of consensus decision making. (Sociocracy slides)

  • Goal: To have a framework that everyone involved in Hypha can lead, follow, understand and agree on that is well documented and sets clear processes that balance consensus and moving forward with ideas.

  • Outcome: A shared, agreed and documented location where sociocracy proposals are located along with templates for forming proposals and the process that proposals can take.

So given the above info

Do you have any critical concerns about adopting the proposal?

Are there any clarifying questions you all might have?

Any quick reactions to the proposal above (e.g. good, feels weird, I don’t understand etc.)

Quick reactions: I like what I saw in the slides
I am sure I will have more clarifying questions, but ones I can think of now:

  • Clarification: will there be multiple frameworks (following this same template/principles) for different areas/types of decision making?
  • Related to above: How do we identify the threshold for “consensus” (including whether there are specific folks who must sign off/agree in order to proceed)