Changes to the Maintainers call until June 2022

Hey there folks, and especially @Maintainers (I’m @Adopters too just in case any of those folks wanted to attend maintainers at any point in the future)

So over the February maintainers calls we wanted to test two things:

  1. Is a bi-weekly (every other week) maintainers call as useful as a weekly maintainers call?
  2. Can we use the last Tuesday Maintainers call time slot of the month to try out the Ideation meeting idea that was proposed back in September: Open Ideation meeting space - #3 by eriol

With that in mind, here is what we’re trialling for maintainer call Tuesdays so the next few weeks/months will look like this:

22nd February - Ideation monthly (during the regular maintainer call time) headless hypha cms + websites. Agenda here: Monthly Ideation meeting: 2022 February 22nd
1st March - Maintainers call
15th March - Maintainers call
29th March - Ideation monthly Localisation and Translation in Hypha Monthly Ideation meeting: 2022 March 29th - #10 by vinkthom
5th April - Maintainers call
19th April - Maintainers call
26th April - Ideation monthly Governance deep-dive Monthly Ideation meeting: 2022 April 26th
3rd May - Maintainers call
17th May - Maintainers call
31st May - Ideation monthly (Topic tbc)
7th June - Maintainers call and re-evaluation of how this new schedule is working and whether to revert back to the old way of doing maintainers!

The Monthly adopters call is not changing and not affected by this :slight_smile:

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