Welcome to Hypha OSS community

Welcome to Hypha!

1. Please introduce yourself in a comment response to this forum post.

We recommend including:

  • Your name or alias
  • If you’re representing a funder and want to use Hypha to power your funding rounds
  • If you’re part of a technology implementation staff for Hypha on behalf of a client or funder
  • What kind of contributions you might want to make or how you want to get involved e.g. time giving feedback on processes, maintenance of the project, code, design,
  • What timezone or country you’re in
  • What are your top of mind questions about Hypha and your needs?

2. Join a group/groups!

We have a number of groups on this forum that can be tagged in a post. Anyone who is a member of that group then receives a notification when the message is posted. This is useful if you are looking for feedback from folks who interact with Hypha in specific ways.

See below for descriptions of groups. If you identify as a member of any, please go to this page and click “Join” on the the groups you’d like to receive notifications for.

Group descriptions

  • Hypha Adopters: The members of Hypha’s end-users that use a ‘deployed instance’ of Hypha OSS that they then use to manage funding rounds as a funder or other tasks that may not be connected to funding. These are the people that want to use Hypha’s functionality to do their funder work (or other work).
  • Hypha Implementers: The members of Hypha’s extended community of contractors, maintainers and users that have ‘deployed an instance’ of Hypha’s OSS code and are the main point of contact for an implementation/s. They are often folks who understand Hypha’s code base and can edit and modify the code of Hypha.
  • Hypha Maintainers: The members of Hypha’s extended community of contractors and contributors that ensure the project has up-to-date issues, progress, documentation and keeps running as an OSS project as expected.
  • Security Group: The members of Hypha’s extended community that have clearance to view topics about security audits and improvements. This is an invite only group and specific to folks maintaining instances of Hypha’s OSS code.
  • Hypha UX team: The members of Hypha’s extended community of contractors and contributors that work on the design, User Experience and Usability of Hypha.

Roles specific to forum activities (these are request-only, or automatic adds)

  • Admins: People with administrative permissions on this forum where they can make changes to settings and add and edit posts. The highest level of editing capability in this forum. Only someone with “Owner” status on this forum can add a user to this group.
  • Moderators: People that can approve and allow messages and can remove or change anything that does not act in the spirit of our OSS Hypha community (Our Code of Conduct is pending at present but that will inform this roles capabilities). Only someone with “Owner” status on this forum can add a user to this group.
  • Staff: A level of administrative capability on this forum that can change and edit settings and posts but also helps maintain the use of Discourse as an OSS forum provider/tool. Only someone with “Owner” status on this forum can add a user to this group.
  • trust_level_0/1/2/3/4: A level of ‘trust’ that is automatically assigned to forum users as they post more and are know to be non-malicious entities within this forum. Trust levels range from 0 to 4, with 4 being the most trusted level.

3. Check out our categories!

There are a number of categories on this forum for specific topics which should all be easily understandable and readable via Categories - Hypha Community. Please ask questions if anything is confusing.

Looking for information and how-tos about Hypha?

We have a growing documentation site here: https://docs.hypha.app/

Hello, Hypha Community . . . I’m Jim McGowan. I’m working with Open Tech Strategies to manage the deployment of Hypha for Amateur Radio Digital Communications (AR|DC). I’m headquartered in Chicago in the Central timezone (currently UTC -5).


Hi there @jimmcgowan and welcome! you’re also the first person to use our new ‘Welcome!’ post here and glad it did it’s job right :smiley:

You might want to check out the history of the ‘Maintainers’ calls and ‘Adopters calls’

We have a Maintainers call today on April 5th at 2022-04-05T13:00:00Z2022-04-05T13:50:00Z and an Adopters call tomorrow April 6th at 2022-04-06T13:30:00Z2022-04-06T15:00:00Z

Hello, Hypha community :smiley: I’m kat, working with Numun Fund to research on possible app to support funding rounds for participatory grantmaking. Big big thanks @dluong for your support and contribution. The research is nearing completion, but I’ve been lurking and playing around doing some local installation and deployment, and would love to learn more how I can contribute.

Currently I’m based in Surabaya, Indonesia, on UTC+7 timezone, and hoping to join the Adopters meeting tomorrow :slight_smile: