Monthly adopters meeting: 2021-Sep 1st

Wednesday, Sep 1: 10:30am – 12:00pm

If you’d like to attend, please email From there, you’ll get an invite with meeting details.

Real-time chat


  • Intros
  • Review what’s changed/completed in the past month (See new releases)
  • Review of work expected to happen in the coming month
  • Review new challenges/insights/issues identified
  • What else do folks want to discuss? Reply with agenda items!
    • Security announcements

User Documentation report/feedback request (from Emily, not present):

Quick question: Are we still working with the same set of adopters? Any new adopters, or current adopters using Hypha in new ways?

  • Main User Documentation link:
  • Roles page now live, working on “logging in” instructions w/screenshot
  • Other pages that you’d like to see soon?
    • Put another way, any questions about Hypha features/functionality that I might help clarify with documentation? (@frjo, @blah, @bernard, and others, if any issues come up that you think documentation might help please let me know)
  • Have put “how to contact us” re: documentation on some pages (eventually will have on all) if you’d like clarification, corrections, or additions
  • Message me on Zulip or Slack, or post here (on and tag me to get in touch!

Intros, nice to meet Eriol on the Simply Secure team!

Run through of new features

  • Big thing is additions to the Projects/Compliance space. Can follow open issues/progress here.

Security announcement

  • Run through of issues discovered by Radically Open Security
  • Ask @frjo for more details on issues discovered
  • Open question, how best to deal with future security disclosures and announcements work
    • @kfogel is going to start a discussion here at for us to dig in

What’s going to happen in the next month?

  • Adding in API calls for invoicing and other finance-related tasks and a new finance role
  • Have the ability to integrate other finance other systems (Sage Inaact, Salesforce, and Netsuite are on the shortlist)
  • Upgrading to django 3
  • Adding refinements to the workflows
  • Adding in the ability for changing strings for translation or org specific terms
    • Translations section on how to contribute different languages to core hypha vs changing string terms (ie renaming determination to something else) for implementation-specific stuff

On docs workflow for new features

  • making acceptance criteria a part of prs (ie not accepting a new pull request until a doc stub has been created linking to issues/pr). @eriol @emlini and @frjo will aim to gather to work out a workflow :fireworks:

Any new adopters or other news from adopters?

  • Digital Defenders Partners is coming :rocket:
  • DFF just finished their second round using hypha :partying_face:
  • ADRC is creating a new workflow! And thinking about how workflows could be created/managed within the admin interface, whoop! :boom:

On the big question of what goes or does not go into hypha-core

  • General agreement that there is no issue with this now but that a formal criteria/workflow for determining what is accepted or not should exist
  • Related section in the guide here:
  • @eriol is interested in discovering existing adopters thoughts.
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This lights a fire under me to get the abstracted workflow maps Bernard started and I am working on completed, so we can get them up on the docs and discuss workflows more with adopters.

I might also see if @rosy is willing to meet again to review the workflows they’re thinking about, so I can see if they fit within the abstracted workflows we’re generating.

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I have it in my to-do list to ask @rosy or @chelsea for time to meet so I can document that. If I can do that, I’ll let you know @emlini

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Any progress on this we.hypha conversation Karl?

@bernard I think I remember you saying you had this meeting, yes? Could you link notes/summary of your discussion if so? I see that it’s an Agenda Item for the October 27th Adopter’s meeting–are you providing that update or is @rosy or @zubakskees?