Monthly adopters meeting: 2021-Sep 22nd


If you’d like to attend, please email From there, you’ll get an invite with meeting details.

Real-time chat


  • Intros

  • Review what’s changed/completed in the past month (See new releases)

  • Review of work expected to happen in the coming month

    • Review Documentation messages and tasks from last adopters meeting
    • Main User Documentation link: User Documentation - Hypha Docs
      Any questions about Hypha features/functionality that I might help clarify with documentation?
  • Design will ‘demo’ WIP project compliance and contracting workflow to get other adoptor feedback

  • Review new challenges/insights/issues identified

  • What else do folks want to discuss? Reply with agenda items!

    • Documentation working group and improvements

    • The (new) funding and application ARDC workflow

    • Eriol: Are folks happy with our meetings at present? In what ways can we improve them and have them feel productive and goals orientated?


  • Intros completed!

Request for Adopter help from Bernard

  • Are hypha Adopters interested in participating in feedback around the Wagtail navigation? - Bernard will contact you - please reply here or message Bernard - 15 - 20 mins either self-guided or guided by Bernard - Improvements to navigation.
    • Thomas, Rosy & Dan have raised hands to help with this Wagtail navigation task.

Whats changed, updates, working on and upcoming

  • The grand localisation release:

    • Some strings may be missed but most things can be translated in hypha using weblate
    • See Hypha Weblate here: Hypha @ Hosted Weblate
    • Add a new language translation there a new PR will be made in the Hypha Github repo and auto-updated in Weblate if PR approved.
    • Most commonly used for org vocab but can be used for languages e.g. Arabic, French etc.
    • Core templates no longer needing edits to make org vocab
    • Please try it out!
    • Emily raised a concern about button language used on ‘apply’ → ‘Apply Admin’ in OTF vocab → Can be translated to other org vocab for sure. Rosy agrees with the confusing lang here.
    • AP: @emlini o create a we.hypha post about generalised language translation before starting a github issue to request change.
    • Welcome suggestions for more generalised language for the ‘white-label’/‘core’ Hypha.
    • ARDC: some work on translation in our fork some of which is consistent with upstream and some of which is in addition, we’ll probably be reconciling those and contributing where we’ve made additional strings translatable.
    • To “prove it” (with translations)it’d be great if we could get the translation to a non-English language to see where the gaps are. Preferably Spanish. Could be an OSS contribution. (5000 strings!)
    • AP: @eriol to set up a discussion: How could we pool resources to get translation to lang done faster
  • Lots of maintenance updates

  • Submission tables and filters

    • Submission table omitted fields → settings to remove terms. Can remove columns and filters you don’t have use for.
  • OTF’s needs for project side, post-approval of application.

    • Current system of files in some non-hypha spaces is not ideal so moving into hypha.
    • Applicants can set up vendor info
    • Sync finance system
    • Setting up and reviewing invoices
    • Building so other users/adopters can API build with other finance systems

What’s going to happen in the next month?

Next up for dev is: Contracting

  • Info located here: Issues · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub
  • No e-signing in Hypha as yet (Raised by ARDC) → Fredrik recommendation: build an API and bring in e-sign functionality via API.
  • AP: @eriol To start a post with what Adopters use what e-sign platforms. (DocuSign, Adobe, mail paper documents back and forth)
  • Q from ARDC: Mail merge for a contract? Fredrik: Yes, something like that.

Next up for design/UX team is: contracting and compliance, improvement to wagtail nav and project reporting, M&E part of Hypha

Bernard/DesignUX then covers the OTF focussed version of contracting and compliance

Recording located here: Monthly hypha adopters (2021-09-22 at 08:08 GMT-7) - Google Drive

Feedback from Adopters and team

  • PO’s in ARDC do most of the work described by the design demo. ARDC’s workflow is different. Email verification of info and request info.

  • ARDC: Universities have certain language needing changes e.g. marketing language

  • ARDC: Want to customize the application workflow. It’d be nice if there was some customizability here, too.

  • ARDC: differences between large and small grants e.g. under $50k and over $50k.

  • ARDC: Moving application through different statuses where the same person is doing that approval/review etc.

  • DFF: We have a different vocabulary, but I think generic terms work fine and have a similar workflow. As long as the forms are adaptable it would probably work for us.

  • Reset: Conditional workflows similar to ARDC and different fiscal agents to pay people.

  • ARDC: ASCII doc makes a contract magically which Rosy can share with Bernard and Fredrik.

  • Reset: Base contract and then clauses for differences. In the project approval form we would have a drop-down to include certain clauses per contract, chosen by PO to send to lawyers etc.

  • Bernard: Roles and permissions are not linked → more like ‘contract sign off group members can do X’ function.

  • Fredrik: Approval states and roles should be able to create a contract and select status and jump overstep the OTF have.


  • Emily Q: Is the process the same for other Adopters?
  • `Emily Q: Is the ‘vocab’ or terms the same for others and how can those terms be abstracted for white-label / core Hypha? → Bernard: Use more descriptive terminology ‘The person who has x power’
  • Reset Q: Naming of ‘PAF’ → difficult to get everyone to agree to the same term and make it translateable. Opportunity to be called something else from OTF POV. In OTF it can be called ‘PAF’ in white-label core it can be abstracted. AP: A we.hypha post to cover the adopter’s abstracted term for 'PAF’
  • Emily Q: Where can I find the steps written out → Bernard says they are changing day to day but will send Emily a list that he has now. Fredrik recommends waiting for production live to have final terms.
  • Thomas Q: Is it possible to upload other documents as well, to go with the Project Form? Fredrik A: yes that’s there.
  • Emily Q: In Wagtail lang → contract type of form or own category of ‘item’? → Design: Contracts don’t change often and it’s a lot of work for legal to change therefore to get to a point ready for dev. A new template might be needed if an adopter changes the contract layout.

User Documentation report/feedback request

  • Same as Sept 1st last adopters meeting
    Quick question: Are we still working with the same set of adopters? Any new adopters, or current adopters using Hypha in new ways?
  • Main User Documentation link: User Documentation - Hypha Docs
  • Roles page now live, working on “logging in” instructions w/screenshot
  • Other pages that you’d like to see soon?
    • Put another way, any questions about Hypha features/functionality that I might help clarify with documentation? (@frjo, @blah, @bernard, and others, if any issues come up that you think documentation might help please let me know)
  • Have put “how to contact us” re: documentation on some pages (eventually will have on all) if you’d like clarification, corrections, or additions
  • Message me on Zulip or Slack, or post here (on and tag me to get in touch!

Challenges/insights/issues identified

Any news from adopters?

  • Reset is going through resourcing spend allocation and collab budget. Invite Adopters to see a version of that document on request to @blah

The (new) funding and application ARDC workflow

  • What ARDC want their states to go through
  • Doc located here
  • What would it take to have editable workflows → take one of the workflows that exist today and match up the states if possible and make them more customisable if possible.
  • Email notifications in different states → draft submitted ‘Email: this has been received’ then the applicant doesn’t need email/notification until they need to do something else → then rejected or accepted.
  • Hardcoded version via ARDC and then coming together in a design doc/discovery doc and what needs flexibility for different org needs → at what point should we collaborate. Chris will be part of the process of collaborating during the ‘hard coded’ version and the collaboration on understanding those.
  • Fredrik: 4 flows exist (from OTF standard at present) so if there is a flow that can be generic then be sure to include in the PR with explanations. Adding more workflows is certainly possible.
  • Chris: This isn’t that different than the internal-external review workflow. Bernard: Notifications, states, orders and role names.
  • Eligibility check is confusing at present so ARDC is making adaptions. Roles: GAC is external review, so is board but more of a summary with thumbs up/down.
  • Chris: It removes the ready for discussion stages, which may or may not serve a useful purpose. We’ll delete those and see.

Pinging Adoptors re: Design will ‘demo’ WIP project compliance and contracting workflow to get other adoptor feedback

@vinkthom @dluong @rosy @allan @kfogel @blah (did I miss any adoptors? please @ them!)

Would love if you have time to attend to feedback on the design work but we’ll also record the demo and post the video for post-meeting feedback.
OTF and Fredrik will have seen this already this week :ok_hand:

Hi @eriol and all, just to confirm the timing. I have a meeting invite for half past the hour, but above it says quarter past. Which one is correct?

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Good catch! you’re right it’s at half past the hour - edited the post now :+1:

Completed my AP (the one I’m @-ed on) - here’s that post.

Another AP that seems related is the one below:

AP: A we.hypha post to cover the adopter’s abstracted term for 'PAF’

If @eriol and others agree, I’m thinking I could add this string as a reply to my 4th question in the post on translatable strings (linked above), and eventually I can compile all the translatable strings, also including the list @bernard is sending me, and their abstracted terms to be used in Hypha core/white label (which we will generate after discussion with OTF, Reset, ARDC and DFF folks) in a Google sheet or similar.

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