Monthly hypha adopters: 2021-Jul

Wednesday, Jul 28: 10:30am – 12:00pm

If you’d like to attend, please email From there, you’ll get an invite with meeting details.


  • Review what’s changed/completed in the past month
  • Review of work expected to happen in the coming month
  • Review new challenges/insights/issues identified
  • What else do folks want to dig into? Reply with agenda items!

Real-time chat


  • On Will’s first pull request, all great!
  • Update from OTF on their experiences improving the payment request functions in the project section
    • See existing branches
    • See these issues for more details:
  • Review Reporting thoughts
  • Review of Nexus/Hub stuff


  • Before next adopters meeting, setup meeting for Simply Secure review the coming contracting & payment request with @rosy @chesy @kfogel @katie and @bernard
  • Before next adopters meeting, setup a meeting for Simply Secure to try and do some discovery with DFF and AMPR on Reporting
  • Check with maintainers on adding new maintainer