Monthly adopters meeting: 2021-Oct 27th

Wednesday, October 27th: 2021-10-27T14:30:00Z2021-10-27T16:00:00Z

If you’d like to attend, please email From there, you’ll get an invite with meeting details.

Real-time chat


  • Intros

  • Review what’s changed/completed in the past month (See new releases)

  • Review of work expected to happen in the coming month

  • Review new challenges/insights/issues identified

  • What else do folks want to discuss? Reply with agenda items!

Pushed to the next Adopters meeting:

  • @allan will take us through DDP’s grant workflow
    • How does this (and ARDC’s new workflow) differ from documented “general” workflow here?

here live now: Riseup Pad

Notes copy paste:

Review what’s changed/completed in the past month (See new releases)

  • Lot of working being done on contracting/compliance workflows for OTF (by Eriol and others).

  • Cosmetic fixes, fixing odd defaults, fixing the round filter to do OR instead of AND (oy).

  • Interfacing with Sage Intacct, OTF’s accounting system.

  • Add an extra choice to available outcomes(determination) by sandeepsajan0 · Pull Request #2569 · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub

  • See Releases · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub for more info on recent releases

  • Bernard has been doing a lot of work on defining what Reporting means.

  • He will post a short video explaining this work @bernard

  • Miro board: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

  • In-depth discussion of the two or three different meanings of “reporting”.

  • OTS had “inbound” vs “outbound”. Former is receiving information from grantees about their progress. Latter is automating the process of generating reports such as Chelsea’s example of ARDC’s reports for monitoring impact and effect of funded projects: ARDC Impacts 2022 - Google Sheets (Bernard’s interpretation: querying interesting data in the hypha database to use some of this data to make some later reporting)

  • Dan’s 3 conceptual buckets (first two sort of map to “inbound reporting”, third one sort of to “outbound”, but this is only a rough mapping):

  • Monitoring performance of a project: information to justify the invoice/request for some portion of the monies

  • Monitoring impact/effect: has the project been impactful

  • Monitoring the system: performance metrics for the system, and communicating that big picture to other parties – parties who are not in the data every day (like the meta-funder, the public, etc)

  • The big takeaway: OTF and ARDC/OTS will coordinate on reporting (all kinds).

  • We also have an ongoing ‘reporting’ forum post here: Reporting functionality: Discussion and clarity

  • EC: “We will want to separate this discussion into least two core workflows for reporting, one for organizations receiving reports from grantees, and one for organization-internal purposes or organizations reporting to funding sources/partners/etc.”

Review of work expected to happen in the coming month

  • Remote Innings has a new developer on board, so we may see a new name soon!m

  • See feasibility spreadsheet (feasibility review template) meant to be used for estimating costs. (not sure this line captures everything – someone please feel free to expand this!)

  • See doc here:Main Feasibility Review Template - Please make a copy and share with wider hypha users :) - Google Sheets

  • Aiming to use this as we do discovery/specification for reporting (monitoring/evalutation stuff)

  • See previous meeting notes as well: Meetings - Hypha Community

  • Update on essential dev work needs to happen from fredrik on core

  • Updating modules, django, retrospective with otf on the big financial feature build

  • Recommendation from Eriol: check out the documentation working group! Best way to have input into documentation direction, esp w.r.t. how docs are for new users.

  • Documentation - Hypha Community

Review new challenges/insights/issues identified

  • Eriol: thinking a lot about QA processes – how we collect bug reports, improvement requests, etc. Will start a forum thread about this.

What else do folks want to discuss? Reply with agenda items!

  • Custom workflows: future of them. (OTS/ARDC)

  • ‘Interface builder’ where you don’t need dev to go into code. To build workflows. A big feature and think its valuable to others too.

  • Q: How varied can application/funding processes be? These are linearly build in code right now so ‘breaking these out’ is possible and re-constructable. e.g. what reviewers applications go to (board, single reviewer etc.) ARDC and OTS have started discussion and it’s coming.

  • Documenting Hypha customisations (Documenting the Hypha customisation options)

  • Config files for python. Documenting those different files is useful.

  • Karl replied in that thread (during this meeting): Documenting the Hypha customisation options - #4 by kfogel

  • Feedback wanted: API Tokens Feedback wanted: API Tokens - #2 by blah

  • Chris Zubak-Skees will review that post and offer feedback if any needed

  • From Documentation WG: What would it look like for Hypha and Adopters to be ‘fully accessible’ or even ‘more accessible’

  • Automated accessibility review tools have been used by maintainer+adopters

  • Paid for screen reader and limited limb mobilty do reviews generated good information.

  • Hypha is not accessible right now (it’s ok!)

  • The work needed to make Hypha accessible is unknown right now.

  • Lots of guidance and standards and prior art here.

  • ARDC have outlined accessibility as a future focus along with internationalisation.

  • An assessment could be done.

For next meeting or another meeting

  • @allan will take us through DDP’s grant workflow

  • How does this (and ARDC’s new workflow) differ from documented “general” workflow here?

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