Monthly adopters meeting: 2021-Oct 27th

Wednesday, October 27th: 2021-10-27T14:30:00Z2021-10-27T16:00:00Z

If you’d like to attend, please email From there, you’ll get an invite with meeting details.

Real-time chat


  • Intros

  • Review what’s changed/completed in the past month (See new releases)

  • Review of work expected to happen in the coming month

  • Review new challenges/insights/issues identified

  • What else do folks want to discuss? Reply with agenda items!

Pushed to the next Adopters meeting:

  • @allan will take us through DDP’s grant workflow
    • How does this (and ARDC’s new workflow) differ from documented “general” workflow here?

here live now: Riseup Pad

Notes copy paste:

@Implementers and @Adopters click ‘edit’ if you want to add any agenda items or edit any :smiley: