Reviewing the Stakeholders docs page

I’v been taking a look at hypha-docs/Hypha at 63ab2cebc75e1eb617525c18122556b7379775a3 · HyphaApp/hypha-docs · GitHub

And here’s what I notice:

  1. A way for potential new stakeholders to get involved - this process is still very TBC and likely shoul d be its own page.

  2. What comms channels we use across stakeholders and for what purposes e.g. We use we.hypha for long async discussions, meeting notes etc. we use slack channels for adopter specific contract work, we use Zulip for OSS contributor comms.

  3. Re. Contact info I think github pages are fine - maybe Zulip usernames too?

  4. What distinguishes a Sponsor from an Implementer? I see sponsors as financial contributors. But this could be better defined in our governance docs

  5. Eriol Fox @ Simply Secure about: Product & Project Management of Hypha’s OSS product and Community < some additional words here.

  6. Under Implementers I would love to eventually see the issues/PR’s they have contributed to.

Eventually this page is going to be @blah’s to update. I’m happy to implement some changes (like the ones @eriol has noted here) for now. I’d especially like @Adopters @Maintainers @Implementers feedback on what contact information you are comfortable with us using on this page–options are:

  • github page (if you have one)
  • Zulip username
  • other?
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