Reporting functionality: Discussion and clarity

@bernard I added a category question to this form if you want to reverse engineer it:
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Category Question: Sign in ・ Cloudflare Access

A category question can look like this:

Hypha chews up the data and Fredrik spits it out as a spreadsheet. Some poor sap made this:

Some talentless hack made this category question:

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Hypha @Adopters, I’ve put together some early design ideas for how funders can define their organisations areas of focus in Hypha.

The purpose of this (optional) step is to allow funders to map projects, and their deliverables/milestones, to the funders areas of focus. This would give them more granular understanding on what areas of focus they’re funding more, the kinds of projects they’re funding to make impact in those areas, and other insights.

The walk through video lasts about 18 mins.

If you’d like to leave comments or feedback, please do so here, or in the Miro board itself.

Meta terms are unsuitable for areas of focus. We should add a new separate setting for them. This makes it unambiguous where the list reside.

Added as meta terms Hypha does not know what was areas of focus and other terms.

Option 2 is therefor my preference.

These will then be applied to each deliverable in projects, is that correct? If one deliverable covers two or more areas of focus, do we need to have a setting for percent per area as well? Area 1 30%, area 2 50% and area 3 20%.

Then Hypha can accurately report how much money have been spent on each area. And that is the point of this feature as I understand it.

This will be quite a lot of work for staff to set up for each project but you will get nice numbers on the other end.