Potential adopters: request to review requirements

hello! a potential Hypha adopter reached out to us with their requirements. We have reviewed it and added comments here: link but we’d love for the hypha dev team to also take a look at it and leave comments in the doc.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for sharing these questions. I’ve reviewed the questions and added my feedback.

Thank you for the quick response @dluong !

Hi @dluong @frjo what are your thoughts on:

  • is there a possibility to structure complex forms, e.g. throug tabs, wizards, or accordions? [Abhi: I’m not sure if wagtail has all these capabilities]
  • is it possible that several contributors (with different accounts) can edit one application?

We have talked about implementing something like this but it does not exist today. You have form groups but that is quite limited.

Yes, that is what “Partners” are for. You can add users and give them the “Partner” role. These can then be added to a submission and see and do the same things as the applicant.

We are talking about renaming this to something like “Co author” and making it easier and more straight forward to use.

When it was created the plan for the “Partners” features was bigger, only the “Co author” part was implemented so make sense to rename it and polish that part.

Application forms have ‘accordion’ or nesting questions. Here is an example https://apply.opentech.fund/red-team-lab/

That is the form group feature. It works but is not the best implementation and it have bugs as @abhiXII documented in Application form submission error · Issue #3562 · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub