Translating Hypha workflow for users in documentation - Is there a better way?

@bernard & I met today to discuss a piece of documentation I created - Getting Started for Staff.

It lays out the granting organization’s workflow (how they expect to create a fund) and attempts to maps that onto the current Hypha workflow.

The orders of these two workflows diverge somewhat significantly, and might create significant barriers to potential users adopting Hypha. (I know Bernard has mentioned this in the past in some Hypha calls, but we’d like to validate this with our users.)

@rosy, @vinkthom, @dluong, could we ask you to have a look at this page and tell us your thoughts:

  1. First, does the granting organization’s workflow I’ve outline match with that of your organization?
  2. Second, do you think any aspects of the current Hypha workflow might be a barrier to your organization’s adoption/continued use of Hypha (especially if you didn’t have the support of the Hypha community)?

@frjo, @blah, we figured this might be an epic-sized story, and were wondering if it was something we were interested in addressing, long-term.

I am planning to join the Maintainers Chat 2021-07-20T13:00:00Z to further discuss this.

Thank you @emlini. Yes, broadly speaking this matches with DFF’s workflow. We would probably have step 6 before step 5 (i.e. defining review criteria before disseminating the request for proposals), but otherwise this broadly aligns. The differences would come more in the details I think, like how many different review steps and review forms at each stage you can have. Thanks, Thomas

Hello @emlini:

  1. In regards to your first question…

Our organization discuss and determine these aspects prior to creating forms/funds in Hypha:

  • Determine kind of project to be funded (e.g. grantmaking categories or thematic areas)
  • Disseminate request for proposals
  • Specify review criteria

Users have the option to create forms within Hypha to include these items. Users also have the option to edit/revise forms at later time if these items have not been pinned down during the form creation process:

  • Decide on timeline for application process (e.g., due dates vs. rolling)
  • Generate questions for/information needed from the applicant
  • Assign reviewers to received applications

This aspect is specific to the funding organization:

  • Outline expected steps in application process (e.g. # of stages)
  1. Could you share a basic outline of the current Hypha workflow? A basic outline of the current Hypha workflow would be helpful for me to answer your second question.

Hi @emlini

sorry for hopping on to this so late.

DDP is yet to go live with their hypha instance but a call will go out sometime in september and this is also roughly the workflow we would follow.

We will also very likely run with a Lab alongside Funds + Rounds as we will have one grant open all the time.