Maintainer's Call 3 August 2021

When: 2021-08-03T13:00:00Z2021-08-03T13:45:00Z


  • Who will take notes? :raised_hands:

    • :writing_hand: To take notes, all’s you got to do is press the EDIT button on this post.
  • Fredrik files (review of recent releases, active dev tasks/bugs)

  • UX Design Corner

    • @emlini’s addition: revisiting discussion of Hypha workflow changes/clarification (this thread and the discussion from the July 20 Maintainter’s call)
    • Specifically, I’d like to answer these questions and develop actionable next steps:
      • do we agree with this proposed change?
      • if so, how big a change is this?
      • how much of a prioritity is this?
      • [Di]: Could we include community guidelines for contributors? Could we tackle a simple case study in documentation?
  • Any Other Business???

No major release goodness to dig into

On UI/UX workflow differences between how hypha

  • Next steps for documentation:
    • documentation for NEW adopters with simple scenarios
  • Prioritize making the starting point into hypha easier, ie more features on the initial install to make it easier
    • Survey hypha users on which Hypha White Label/Hypha Core priorities to focus on, e.g., quick deployment, wagtail admin, localization, etc.
  • DFF will share their documents on startup