Make policy consent changes easier


  • Make it easier to include policy consents for all applications

Proposed user workflow


  1. In Admin Apply/Hypha > Policies, create a new policy
  2. Specifies: name, type (options: opt-in or opt-out), required (checkbox), policy link (url), text (field), weight
  3. On the edit page for new or existing funds/labs, in the Policies section, checks which available policies they want to be applied to applications


  1. At the bottom of the application, they see one or more policies, ordered by weight and opt-in/out accordingly

How this works now…
For each policy, the manager has to add a field on each application. If the policy consent text needed to be changed for 2 policies used by 3 funds, each with active rounds, the manager needs to find and edit 6 applications and 12 fields at minimum manually.

How is this different…
Managers no longer have to copy/paste from application to application the different fields for each policy they want to require for all applications. One change in Apply/Hypha > Policies > Policy would change the text visible on any future applications.

cc @katie @frjo @bernard