Maintainers chat: 22-June-2021




  • possible to archive dismissed applications within a round or fund so applications no longer appear/presented?
  • Information Architecture of user roles in hypha:
    • increasing roles and levels of access that are not clear
    • cannot search by user role, e.g., partner
  • Documentation - next steps?


Review of recent releases

  • Ability to edit meta terms in react app
  • Even more translatable strings!
  • currency string fixes
  • Activity stream format fixes
  • Fixed filter overflow issue
  • See Releases · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub for more info

Picked a translation platform

Discussion on default filters and views

Prototypes of pagination in testing

  • Moving through more discovery, OTF review this week
  • Adding pages is the first bit, skip logic next
  • Ability to reuse some of the vendor work from the Projects module for these forms
  • Want to test with DFF and or other adopters

Docket conversation

  • Docket, a grouping of applications to view, vote, and review
  • Big chipping away at this with meta terms, flags, urls for specific filter sets
  • Hypha is primarily built around rounds, Rounds work well for applicant facing management, but when it comes to reviewing and handling them, rounds fall short… this is a way to address
  • Would dockets last a long time? Maybe.
  • Would applications review forms change if an application was in a docket? Doesn’t have to.
  • Goal is to create a nice page for viewing a group of applications and also provide a ballot like interface for them.
  • Next step, gathering on discovery and concept draw session