Maintainers chat: 13-July-2021




  • Dockets

    • Bernard & Katie prompted engagement on the Docket thread, Miro board
    • Blah suggests Di /OTF to provide similar input /feedback on the concept – scoping and measuring to determine if we want to pursue this
    • key stakeholders to determine if we move forward
    • Di: can we do user research with external reviewers? they have least facility/ interaction with hypha. (But they wouldn’t have yes/no vote on whether we pursue this)
    • Fredrik to look over functionality ideas to ensure they wouldn’t interfere fundamentally with existing hypha structure
    • Di and OTF have a lot of self-created “dockets” – eg google spreadsheets, etc, that could teach us a lot in terms of discovery (prototypes)
      • should other reviewers be able to see each other’s reviews? Often a cultural question at the org → can turn into lobbying, etc.
      • External reviewers leaderboard that OTF has – haven’t used it much but it’s a way of tracking reviewers’ engagement
    • User research priorities:
      • Program managers – interact most, most interested in first stage of MVP
      • Internal reviewers
      • External reviewers
      • Budgeting/finance person
  • Adding Allan from DFF: invited but never joined. Interested in localization

  • Reporting:

    • Vocabulary: need to establish cross-organization understanding
      • “partner” = ?
      • “partners” = have projects
      • “projects” = have different agreements or contracts
      • invoices → toward that contract
      • reporting → toward that contract
      • contractor, vendor, etc → existing questions around vocabulary/terminology across organizations. can be flexible eventually by org, but need to have a baseline understanding of the functional hierarchy of these terms. need to be clear about levels of access in those roles – what can they do in wagtail
      • emily, bernard, katie propose a taxonomy of terms and permissions
      • renaming “partner” to “co-applicant” → issue
    • Similar process to the docket discovery – Bernard and Katie setting up another work session to develop the idea
    • Certain that reporting is going to be improved, should happen parallel with docket
    • Who, why, what first
    • Tying reporting to invoices, contractual needs; impact and strategic work – for partnered projects
      • financial accountability and impact assessments
    • Fredrik has developed initial internal reporting feature that has been underutilized (flags, reminders, also examples of underutilized features -di )
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