Docket, a grouping of applications to view, vote, and review

Proposed how…
New features/dev tasks

  1. A new setting to enable/disable Docket features
  2. Define and create Poll/Vote type options, initially: score (what we kind of do now), approval for mvp, then ranked-choice and quadradic.
  3. Define and create Docket, fields include: title, description, voting enabled/disabled, voting styles, close date/deadline, Reviewers (ability to assign one or multiple users and/or user groups), review required to vote or not, lead(s), etc.
  4. Create a Docket page, displaying the above information in a nice interface, including: list of Applications w/summaires assigned, ability view # of reviews, submit a review, submit/edit votes, current/final voting results, count-down, etc.
  5. Create a Docket box for the Application sidebar, giving the ability to: add an application to a coming or already open Docket if unassigned, ability to view the Docket options to submit/edit vote, display the current ranking of Application in an associated Docket
  6. Create a Vote “field” in Reviews (replacing the recommendation box if in a Docket with Voting enabled), giving the ability to: view the Docket options to submit/edit vote, display the current ranking of Application in an associated Docket’s poll
  7. Create notifications for any assigned users and lead
  8. Add a communication tab to Docket

User workflow

  1. Lead creates a new Docket, assigns users or groups to be Reviewers
  2. Lead assigns Applications to a Docket
  3. Lead can share the Docket URL with others
  4. Lead “Opens” Docket, which can only happen if all assigned Applications are in workflow state “External Review”
  5. Notifications are sent to assigned users there is a Docket open for them to submit reviews and/or vote and the deadline to do so.
  6. Users submit reviews and/or votes on applications when viewing the application, completing a review, or visiting the Docket page
  7. Users use the communication tab on the Docket to discuss related things, ask questions, etc
  8. Lead(s) receive notifications when reviews/votes are cast
  9. Users are notified that a Docket’s deadline has closed, with a link to view the Docket’s results

What are the big changes?

  • External reviewer permissions are no longer specific to the Reviewer group, is now defined by users assigned to a Docket
  • Reviewer assignments at the Fund go away, replaced by assignments in Docket

What should stay the same…

  • Ability for users who’ve been assigned in a docket the ability to see any dockets and associated applications they’ve been assigned to and/or voted/reviewed (an incentive to participate, access to historical knowledge)
  • External review state is still the only state users who aren’t the applicant or in the Staff role can engage with an application.

The current ways of ranking applications and viewing specific groups of applications are insufficient and inflexible.

How I might use this…
Create multiple Dockets for the same set of applications but for different internal and external user groups to more easily get their collective feedback. For example, a team review Docket, an Advisory Council/Network Investment Council Docket, a Fuedicary Board Docket, a Docket for an arbitrary group of community partners, a Docket for aligned donor partners, etc.

Related issues in Github:

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Need UX research to understand external reviewers’ needs or pain points

The MVP is create a single url from a grouping of applications that could be shared with external reviewers

  • Submissions in different states could be compiled. Example: A revised proposal, concept note, or comment could be grouped together.
  • Submissions are easier to read when they’re grouped together.
  • Staff will NO longer need to change the status of a particular application several times back and forth during the course of several weeks. The state “Ready for Discussion” is significant for the workflow status and not a designation for review calls.
  • Create a unique name for group of applications or "docket,"e.g., “June Applications” or “Dust of Deliciousness”
  • Add “summaries” or short description associated with each submission in the docket (not an urgent need)
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Docket Discovery meeting summary:
Last week, @bernard, @blah, and @katie over initial ideas for adding “docket” functionality to Hypha.

See this Miro board for documentation of the discussion.

We discussed the vision of the docket feature, in order of development, to be:

  1. A formalized way to group applications.

Groupings can be individual (personal lists, reminders, flags; thematic or project-based) or they can be shared (lists for group review, ideas, etc).

  1. A way to more easily add reviewers to a grouping/list of applications

  2. Better voting: A) Grouping functionality enables users to make voting lists based on factors that make sense in context; B) Users can customize what kind of vote they want to run on a docket; C) Potential for multiple rounds of voting.

  3. Down the line, dockets can become a go-to dashboard for both applications and projects at large, serving a larger reporting function for the organization or user.

Please see the Priorities for Functionality table in the Miro Board for an initial sketch of implementation and more details.

If you’ve comments, suggestions on how this feature could be used add to the discussion here (or else comments in the board).

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