Hypha 2.7.0 released

:sparkles: Hypha Highlights :sparkles:

  • We fixed a bug in this release. Applications were recording the incorrect date stamp. When an applicant starts a draft on a particular date, the application records this date. Applications should reflect the date submitted, not the date created. This issue has been fixed, moving forward applications will have the correct date stamp.

You could read this in the release notes, but it’s worth repeating:

The two main changes are:

  • During the review process, users could now provide internal (staff) and external reviewers (ie Advisory Committee members, Community Reviewers, etc) with different review forms during the ‘External Review’ workflow status.

This feature requires the creation of different review forms that are attached to the Fund/Round in the WagTail Admin. If no review forms for external reviewers are attached, external reviewers will get the same review form as internal reviewers (staff). Please reach out to us if you have any questions :question: