Maintainers chat: 1-June-2021




  • Fredrik files:
    • new release 1.58.0
      • right-hand side bar on 3-panel view (react app)
      • fixed bug in applications filter “status” which would show no results (even when there were results)
    • Working on finance work for OTF
    • Rebuilding projects area in Hypha to make it more generic (good for hypha-core)
  • Bringing DFF Hypha’s up-to-date
  • Adding basic finance functionality to Hypha
  • Dealing with month-end accounting practices

Things we need to do at sometime:

  • Documenting the “delineation” between different systems (Hypha, finance systems - IntAcct,, Salesforce) and how they interact via API
    • to make it easier to “switch” which app is being used (e.g. OTF implementing IntAcct, Reset implementing, etc)
  • Reset will want to use contract creation/setup workflow process
    • they’ve got lots of different ways “agents/entities” so what they need will probably cover most other funders needs
  • work on genericising terminology - invoice vs. grant vs. accounts payable vs agreement processing
    • Not all text labels, are in the state of being changeable
  • Improve the web-ops experience for getting started with Hypha

Questions we need to answer:

  • How do we reduce the cost to get started with Hypha?
    • The Digital Ocean droplet model?