Maintainers chat: 4-May-2021




Fredrik files

  • changed status from screening to needs screening
  • reinstated the “items per page” to allow for doing batch activities on more items than are on 1 page
  • applied security updates to django and node
  • changed way to do releases - PRs are tagged as major/minor - this feeds into version number (will implement semantic versioning eventually)

triage fest!

  • if we’ve closed issues incorrectly, we can just reopen them

Bernard/Fredrik started on finance implementation

  • map out information architecture between what happens in financial software & hypha w/ blah
  • manual payment upload is core to hypha
  • User Interface is for applicant
  • If hypha would hold is request, this would meet PII standards
  • Next steps: clear new design with OTF; meet with API point person