API for open calls - tokens, access and how adopters want to discuss

In the maintainers call on the 23rd of november 2021 we briefly discussed some work that the dev team is doing around API tokens being active for only apply or only public API endpoints:

What i believe this means in plain, non-technical speak is that there is now not tokens for accessing sensitive, private data (and I believe this was largely unused by adopters at present) and there are only API token access for open, public facing stuff (open calls, etc)

In the maintainer call today we spoke briefly about whether this will meet some of the other adopters in the future (not immediately) and so we opened up this discussion thread for @Adopters and @Implementers to chime in and discuss and we also added this on the agenda for Dec 1st Adopters call Monthly adopters meeting: 2021 Dec 1st (combined Nov & Dec) - #2 by eriol