Adopters Newsletter #4 Winter 2023

Welcome to the Adopters Newsletter Digest. This aims to be a quarterly compilation of what happened in a broad sense on Hypha from multiple perspectives including technical, governance, community and discussions. Adopters Newsletter #4 Winter 2023 路 HyphaApp/hypha Wiki 路 GitHub

The channels these digests aim to summarise include: our forum, our chat room channels and our GitHub activity. They will never contain non-open source and open information unfindable on open Hypha formats.

Fund Facts

  • We welcome Prototype Fund to the Hypha community! The Prototype Fund recently launched a new application using Hypha.
  • DFF is on their 5th grant cycle using Hypha
  • Starting 2023 Adopters will convene quarterly. Our first call of 2023 was in February.


We are currently working on launching Wagtail 4.2

Fresh Off the Release Notes :newspaper_roll:

:tada: First major pull request from a contributor was accepted into the main branch. Thank you ARDC and Open Tech Strategies! :clap:

:e-mail: Email digests. Users could now receive emails with real time updates from Hypha鈥檚 activity feed.

:raised_hands: All adopters can participate in the improvement to the platform we are creating together:

Public Roadmap where we collect issues from adopters, implementers, and other contributors. We value your feedback. Please do not hesitate tosubmit a scoping review form or report a bug