About the Documentation category

This category is used for discussion about Hypha Documentation.

For non-technical folks, documentation refers to manuals, instructions, and information related to Hypha development and use. Check out our documentation here!

Types of posts that belong in this category:

  • Questions about where to find specific pieces of documentation (e.g. Where can I find an answer to the question “How do I do x?”)
  • Suggestions/requests for documentation additions or changes

Please consider carefully whether the main topic of your post is about documentation. Any posts that are not primarily about documentation may be recategorized.

If the main topic of your post is about something else (e.g. Features in Hypha), but you believe the issue is relevant for documentation, please post in the appropriate category and tag @emlini, who will read through your post and decide whether a separate post/thread is needed in the Documentation category.

What should go in your post:

First, please specify whether this is a question about documentation or a suggestion/request for changes to documentation.

  1. Tell us what your–or a hypothetical Hypha user’s–end goal is. What are you trying to do in Hypha?
  2. What information do you need to accomplish your goal?
  3. Where have you looked for this information? (links and screenshots with descriptive alt text are helpful here)
  4. If your post is a suggestion/request for changes to existing documentation, please also:
    • Provide a link to the documentation you most closely related to the content you want changed (e.g. if you want to edit an existing page, link that page; if you want new content added, where do you think it should go?)
    • Tell us what you think is missing from the documentation/how you think it should be changed

General Guidelines (important!)

In general, please consider accessibility in posts you make here and in any of our forums.

  • See this post for an overview of how to be accessible in social media posts
  • See this post for a more detailed explanation of accessibility principles.

A few examples of things to consider are below:

  • Does your post contain any jargon? Jargon is language that may not be understandable to others who don’t share your expertise/experience. Explain field-specific terms if you use them.
  • If you are including links in your post, please ensure they are accessible (use permalinks!)
  • Make sure your post is accessible for disabled community members!
    • For example, if you include any screenshots, make sure to add descriptive alt text to the screenshots (either to the image file itself or describe the image in your post).

Thanks for taking the time to help us improve Hypha documentation!