Workflow Screenshots/Mockups

In Maintainer’s Call 14th December 2021 a request was made to create screenshots of all of the workflows across Hypha projects/applications etc.

I was going to do this by turning things on and off in chrome dev tools via CSS in the browser but it didn’t quite work they way I expected so i ended up creating these mocks.

Now I think i’ve covered a majority of the Program Manager flows but even after looking through the hypha/ at bf04ae1f486f90ff8ad04e8ac8a1a92592f5c0b5 · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub I was specifically looking at the ‘External Review’ Phase and the community/external reviews phases. I may need @frjo 's help understanding what phases/flows I’ve missed that are in the main hypha project/repo/code etc.

High Fidelity mock up components are in figma here:

Static files are in a google drive folder here: Work Flow screen grabs - Google Drive