September - Welcome Back!

We will resume Adopters’ calls this month. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 28th (2:30pm UTC/10:30am EDT/7:30am PDT/4:30pm CEST). Video call link:

:beach_umbrella: Thanks for your patience as the Hypha team took some time off this summer for Raksha Bandhan, Midsommar, Defcon, and vacations. We also used this time to revamp Hypha’s main branch.

:world_map: Hypha has a new roadmap with features and bug fixes we plan to work on until the end of 2022.

:compass: Our documentation has new resources and guides. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about Hypha training for program staff (end-users). Thank you to all the implementers and adopters who met with our tech document writer 1:1 to share insights and feedback over the last few months.

:star: Visit Hypha’s recently updated product page!

:purple_heart: Hypha’s Wagtail is now at mach 3 and is purple. Check out our Maintainers’ calls and repo on Github for ongoing news about maintenance.

:phone: You are always welcome to contact us for a chat