Hypha Meeting: 2022 August 16th

:tv: Google meet room: https://meet.google.com/nuq-pztb-asu

:writing_hand: Who will take notes? :raised_hands:
To take notes, all’s you got to do is make a riseup note pad here: https://pad.riseup.net/

Today’s Riseup pad: RISE UP PAD LINK HERE

Attending (initials only): JM, FJ, DL, AR, SM, AL
Apologies (initials only):


:open_file_folder: Fredrik files (review of recent releases (Releases · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub) active dev tasks/bugs)

Things have been slow because of vacations and europe.

:mountain_snow: What’s on the horizon?
Description: Learn more about new Hypha development

Currently on Hypha test is Wagtail 3.0. We are still testing.

  • minor changes, but looks purple and sleeker

  • other improvement is support for Django 4 - is a big step

2.9 Release contained Django security update

Email as notifiction default

:people_holding_hands: Community Enagement
Description: Events, documentation, communication updates

Aurum starting interviews with developers over next few weeks; brushing up on tech stack; working on implementation plan. Will most likely write about 10 articles

  • will meet with developers with some drafts to ensure they’re more productive

:spiral_notepad: Adopter Field Notes
Description: We would love to hear any updates from current and potential adopters

icipe - enjoying Wagtail 3, happy to continue with deployment
will launch Hypha by Septemeber 2022

ARDC - feature upstream to Hypha Core relatively soon

Adopters’ Meetings will return late September. The topic will be on documentation, in particular tech documentation. Other adopters’ meetings will cover themes like accessibility and security audits. We plan to invite guest speakers from Accessibility Lab, Radically Open Security, etc.

:bulb: Ideation
Description: New designs, wireframes, work in progress to share

JM, FJ, and DL met to discuss the Wagtail Admin settings

  • separate Wagtail core from Hypha custom settings
  • getting settings and functionalities into the correct workflow, helpful to better understand what is manageable
  • 2/3 of settings are irrelevant or rarely use. This is a parameter we could use to seprate out settings
  • improve user interface
  • We will get to this work in autumn (quarter 4)

Any Other Business or ‘Proposals ongoing’