Hypha Meeting 2023 October 24

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Attending (initials only): DL, FJ, SM, WA, JM, FD, JB
Apologies (initials only):


:open_file_folder: Fredrik files (review of recent releases (Releases · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub) active dev tasks/bugs)

  • Tailwind update (improve typography, fonts, ux)
  • Fixed bug with radio buttons
  • Fixed glitch in sending different proposal types after it’s saved as a draft

:mountain_snow: What’s on the horizon?
Description: Learn more about new Hypha development

  • django 4.2 update LTS
  • Watail 5

OTS/ARDC - reporting functionality - stream field forms

OTF’s focus for January - March 2024

  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Bug fixes
  • GDPR standards for data minimization

:spiral_notepad: Adopter Field Notes
Description: We would love to hear any updates from current and potential adopters

Completed user research/ux analysis

  • Users skip over dashboards and overviews, go to Submissions All directly
  • Users do not frequently use comment section and reviewers on Submission All table
  • Users use ‘comment’ section to track notes
  • Users frequently save drafts and read over reviews, but lack functionality to help them quickly return to these items

SMEX interested in adopting Hypha [Ford Foundation launches first Global South network to strengthen the digital resilience of civil society - Ford Foundation]

Next Adopter’s meeting will be on Wednesday, October 25th