Documentation Working Group Meeting 19th Oct

First meeting will be happening 2021-10-19T14:00:00Z2021-10-19T15:00:00Z, right after the Maintainer’s call.

Meeting link:

:writing_hand: Note taker volunteer?


  • Translation/localisation
    • How can organizations get started translating org-specific terms?
    • @frjo mentioned in the last Maintainer’s that Localisation Labs might be the first step, can we get more information?

  • Other topics folks want to discuss?

@blah @eriol I’m especially hoping to see you there, but would also love a visit from anyone with documentation-related comments or questions!

One comment via OTF and two requests for discussion:

Comment: Are we writing docs for the 'very first user person using Hypha? How do we define and capture this person 'generally?

Requests for discussion:
What would user-testing on documentation look like?
What kind of Meta-Analysis of Hypha docs could be done?