Creation of groups to simplify @ mentioning multiple people

To simplify “@ mentioning” individual people, I’ve created 3 Discourse groups. We’re all human we forget to add the right people now and again.

The 3 groups are:

  1. Hypha adopters - Hypha Community (Discourse accounts of Hypha adopter organisations)

  2. Hypha implementer - Hypha Community (Discourse accounts of Hypha Implementers - Documentation writers, Software developers, UX designers.)

  3. Hypha maintainers - Hypha Community (Discourse accounts of Hypha Maintainers - This group contains the Discourse accounts of Hypha Maintainers - people regularly working on Hypha.)

I’ve added people to groups I think make sense. If I’ve made a mistake, registered Discourse users who are Hypha adopters or implementers can add/remove themselves to the relevant group(s).

This means we can do things like mention - @Adopters and @Implementers - and both groups of people will be mentioned.

Other groups can also be created - e.g. for documentation working group, UX design group, etc.

As with all superpowers - use them only for good. :superhero:

Any questions, thoughts, just let us know.

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Should we also have a “Maintainers” group?

As I’m creating the “Stakeholders” doc page we discussed in the 12 Oct Maintainers meeting (it wasn’t in the notes so I just added it :grin:), I’ve got Maintainers as a group separate from Implementers (though there may be overlap).

Is this a distinction we want to maintain?

Yup, sensible idea! I’ve created it now, @Maintainers, and included the people in the list on your page.

If someone is missing, or needs to be added, they can add themselves to the group, they don’t need to request anything.