Quarterly Adopters Meeting October 25 (Special Halloween Edition)

Quarterly Meetings at 10:30 AM EST/7:30 AM PST
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:tv: Google meet room: https://meet.google.com/bnj-yvrx-ybn 2
Or dial: ‪(GB) +44 20 3873 3170‬ PIN: ‪466 905 402 5442‬#
More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/bnj-yvrx-ybn?pin=4669054025442

To take notes, all’s you got to do is make a riseup note pad here: https://pad.riseup.net/

Today’s Riseup pad: [Agenda Here]

:spider: Attending (initials only): CP, FJ, JV, DL, WS, AS, JH
:spider_web: Apologies (initials only): JM

Latest Adopter digest: Adopters Newsletter


:japanese_goblin: Fredrik Files (review of recent releases (Releases · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub) active dev tasks/bugs)

Latest Release: Release 4.9.1 · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub

User Analytics

  • Users skip over dashboards and overviews, go to Submissions All directly
  • Users do not frequently use comment section and reviewers on Submission All table
  • Users use ‘comment’ section to track notes
  • Users frequently save drafts and read over reviews, but lack functionality to help them quickly return to these items
  • Users frequently scroll through longer applications, looking into how to streamline this view

Adopter Feedback

  • Comment Section: “I’d like to be able to upload files to the comment tab. Also there’s no way to know if there’s a comment or not when you’re looking at a submission - the tab should give some kind of indication”

:derelict_house: What’s on the horizon?
Description: Learn more about new Hypha development

Project Page

  • Contracting, Invoicing


:ghost: Adopter Field Notes
Description: We would love to hear any updates from current and potential adopters

Feature Flags

  • Development that is configurable and give adopters/users more flexibility to implement a particular feature

  • Feature flag true/false on passwordless login for now

Advice for NEW adopters

  • Do all your own testing and lots of testing

  • Once you release or launch the platform you will lose trust from users if they find glitches or challenges with using the platform

OTS has an onboarding process for NEW adopters:

  1. Understand the adopter’s workflow
  2. Help adopter understand Hypha’s view of the world - Hypha is opinionated
  3. Onboarding is a conceptual framework
  4. Hypha is not a finished software - either it’s not available on the platform or is it not working?
  5. Recommend not use the latest version because release stage there is a long punch list of regressions that OTF would test to give code time to settle and bugs to resolve
  6. Understand the stage of the stage of the software
  7. Encourage folks to attend adopter’s meetings and help address adopter’s questions and meet their needs

From a developer’s point of view:

  • has limited understanding of test scenarios and use cases
  • give adopters and understanding of the flows and different features as well
  • automation is good, but Hypha needs manual testing
  • for adopters, they are using it for the first time or even experienced ones, developers could learn a lot from adopters
  • developers know the ecosystem but don’t often know what is wrong
  • encourage everyone to open GitHub issues, even it’s a small one
  • helps developers avoid the same mistakes

It would be useful to look at analytics from multiple adopters

Helpful for other adopters and implementers to get high level findings of analytics

:troll: Community Enagement
Description: Events, documentation, communication updates

:question: Trick or Treat!