Maintainers chat: 20-Apr-2021


  • Fredrik files (review of recent releases, active dev tasks/bugs)
  • Hypha highlights - hypha chat, new test sandbox, etc.
  • ReAct’s ReAction
  • OTF’s Priorities
  • Blah’s additions
  • Bernard’s demo corner
  • Summit follow-ups


Fredrik files

  • Fredrik mentions updated error messages if you start the Hypha app but don’t start Node, it now throws errors to give the user more information
  • Hypha development · GitHub board is for day-to-day development progress

hypha highlights

  • hypha (zulip),exists new, test sandbox have been setup

ReAct’s ReAction

– Fredrik mentions you can change the column width in the 3-panel review view
– Blah mentions being able to stay on the same UI and work through applications has been good

OTF’s priorities

  1. Improvements to WagTail Admin

@dluong wants to streamline the wagtail admin for: how to create rounds, and funds

  1. Pagination in forms

Pagination - being able to show forms as a number of pages

  1. Conditional logic

Conditional logic - closely linked to pagination, being able to route users to different pages based on their answer to certain questions

Blah’s bits

  • Blah shows the Hypha roadmap. The columns represent periods of time:
    – Current: less than the next 2-3 months
    – Near: in the next 2-3 months
    – Distant: in the next 6-9 months
    – Backlog: in the next year

This roadmap will show the high-level features and changes to Hypha, priorities, milestones and they’'ll be used for agenda setting. Blah will circulate it around to people.

Bernard’s demo corner