Hypha Meeting: 2023 April 25

Hypha Meetings - Every other Tuesday at 9 AM EST [what time is it in my city?] 9https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Hypha+Meeting+&iso=20230131T09&p1=263&ah=1)

:tv: Google meet room: https://meet.google.com/nuq-pztb-asu

:writing_hand: Who will take notes? :raised_hands:
To take notes, all’s you got to do is make a riseup note pad here: https://pad.riseup.net/

Today’s Riseup pad: ADD RISE UP PAD LINK HERE

Attending (initials only): FJ, DL, JM, FD
Apologies (initials only):


:open_file_folder: Fredrik files (review of recent releases (Releases · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub) active dev tasks/bugs)

No release this week, we are still testing Wagtail 4

:mountain_snow: What’s on the horizon?
Description: Learn more about new Hypha development

Wagtail 4
Improvements to filters
Option to export application data as CSV (will need to see how this feature interplay with filters)

OTF will condcut usability of submission side; security audit of finance side; map out account creation

OTS/ARDC has been making accessibility improvements, e.g., tags added for screen readers, use html when possible

OTF will change traffic lights into shapes for individuals who are color blind

We discussed some pending upstream issues here Public Roadmap · GitHub

:spiral_notepad: Adopter Field Notes
Description: We would love to hear any updates from current and potential adopters

Levers for Change launching new funds soon
Upstreamining process has been working so far

Adopters need more visibility over user accounts, e.g., user accounts created without submitting an application.