Maintainer’s Call 30th November 2021



:tv: Google meet room:

  • If you’d like access, send a message to the @maintainers group.


  • :speaking_head: Anyone needs any specific time to discuss ongoing work?

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  • :file_cabinet: Fredrik files (review of recent releases , active dev tasks/bugs)

  • :couch_and_lamp: Adoptor Maintainer Corner *(if we have multiple adopters in the call please keep updates on adoptor specific features as brief as possible! :bowing_man: )

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  • :art: UX Design Corner

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  • :notebook: Documentation Corner

    • Docs WG meeting
  • :triangular_ruler: PM Corner

    • Reporting feature feasibility update
  • :business_suit_levitating: Any Other Business or ‘Proposals ongoing’

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:page_facing_up: Notes

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Questions I posted as a reply to the DWG meeting agenda that I want to discuss in Maintainer’s call

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Agenda items will carry over to next weeks maintainers call as many of us were out sick/internet etc.

We did however, cover some docs, gitbooks quirks for around 30 mins.