Hypha Meeting 2024 April 9

:tv: Google meet room: https://meet.google.com/nuq-pztb-asu

Today’s Riseup pad: Riseup Pad

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:open_file_folder: Fredrik files (review of recent releases (Releases · HyphaApp/hypha · GitHub) active dev tasks/bugs)

:mountain_snow: What’s on the horizon?
Description: Learn more about new Hypha development

  • Add status update batch action to invoices table
  • Update the global notification dropdrown to use htmx
  • Make PAF form required for fund creation if project settings are enabled
  • Add * to file field label instead of Upload button
  • Fix applicant dashboard invoices table UI for smaller screens
  • Fix table layout of Submissions Results page
  • Allow unassigning of staff reviewers for inactive reviewers
  • Adding staff flag view to main menu
  • Replaced django-pwned-passwords with pwned-passwords-django

:spiral_notepad: Adopter Field Notes
Description: We would love to hear any updates from current and potential adopters

:people_holding_hands: Community Enagement
Description: Events, documentation, communication updates