About the Product Management category

This category is so any posts can be made that relate specifically to the product management of Hypha. That being both Hypha OSS (core) and any Adopter instances of Hypha.

  • Why should people use this category? What is it for?
    Product management related issues and topics

  • How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?
    Product management isn’t a feature, announcement or meeting sometimes it’s just a discussion about the product like a proposal for a process to adopt or way f doing our product work.

  • What should topics in this category generally contain?
    Discussions and ideas related to product management.

  • Do we need this category? Can we merge with another category, or subcategory?
    We need this category to differentiate from the other discussion types which can be technical re. development and ‘code’ in nature or about talking about the OSS community operations.